Application for Slovak citizenship and Necessary Documents

The application form to apply for Slovak citizenship must be filled in, signed and accompanied by below-mentioned documents.

Attachments to the Citizenship Application

The following documents must be submitted with the Citizenship application:

Furthermore, the following documents must be submitted with the application, if relevant:

All documents issued by any foreign state must be officially translated into Slovak language by an official translator certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and must be authenticated by means of a consular superlegalization or apostillation (unless an international treaty stipulates otherwise).

In case the Ministry of Interior requires further documents during the administrative procedure, the applicant may be asked to submit such documents. The Ministry may also invite the applicant to to a personal interview, especially in order to clarify certain facts relating to the application.

Administrative Fees Connected with the Slovak Citizenship

According to the Article 20 of the Act No. 145/1995 Coll. on Administrative Fees, as amended, the administrative fees when applying for Slovak Citizenship are charged in the following height :

  1. Fee for granting Slovak citizenship to an applicant above 18 years of age is 700 EUR
  2. Fee for granting Slovak citizenship to a minor:
    1. up to 15 years of age is 100 EUR
    2. from 15 to 18 years of age is 150 EUR
  3. Fee for granting Slovak citizenship to former Slovak or Czechoslovak citizens and those who opt to revert to their former citizenship in accordance with international law is 20 EUR
  4. Fee for granting Slovak citizenship to Czech citizens born after January 1, 1993 is 20 EUR
  5. Fee for granting Slovak citizenship to an individual whose at least one parent was a Czechoslovak citizen at the time of his/her birth is 20 EUR

Exemptions: Foreigners who have been granted asylum in Slovakia and displaced persons from Chernobyl, Ukraine, are exempted from paying the above-mentioned administrative fees.

The administrative fee is to be paid only when the Slovak citizenship is granted and the Certificate of Slovak Citizenship is handed to the applicant.