Loss of Slovak Citizenship

Citizenship of the Slovak Republic can be lost in two ways:


A person may be released from citizenship if they prove that they have the nationality of another country or a promise to obtain it in the event of a release from citizenship. A person wishing to be released from citizenship must make an application. The application must be made in person to: 

The application must be accompanied by:

The decision on release from the Slovak citizenship shall be taken by the district office in the seat of the region within six months of receipt of the application. If the district office decides on release from citizenship, it shall issue a certificate thereof.

The loss of citizenship of the Slovak Republic shall take effect on the date of receipt of the document of release from the citizenship of the Slovak Republic. The applicant must collect this document in person at one of the places where he or she may also submit his or her application. If he fails to take possession of the document, the proceedings against the applicant shall be terminated.

Administrative fees for release from citizenship:

Acquisition of foreign citizenship

A citizen of the Slovak Republic automatically loses Slovak citizenship on the date on which he voluntarily acquires foreign citizenship on the basis of an express expression of will (i.e. an application, declaration or other act aimed at acquiring foreign citizenship).

A citizen of the Slovak Republic who has thus lost Slovak citizenship shall immediately notify the district office in the seat of the region of this fact and submit proof of the acquisition of foreign citizenship.

The loss of Slovak citizenship does not occur if:

A Slovak citizen is obliged to notify the Ministry of the Interior in writing of the acquisition of foreign citizenship within 90 days of its acquisition. The notification must be accompanied by documents proving the acquisition of foreign citizenship and other documents proving that the Slovak citizenship has not been lost (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, a final decision on the adoption of a child, documents confirming the length of residence in the state).