Proceedings for Granting Citizenship

The Ministry of the Interior acts and decides on the application for the granting of Slovak citizenship.

Who receives the applications?

However, applications for Slovak citizenship must be submitted in person either at the district office in the seat of the region (at the department of general internal administration) according to the place of permanent or last permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic, or at a diplomatic mission or consular office of the Slovak Republic abroad.

An applicant who submits a separate application shall also fill in the "Applicant's questionnaire" issued by the Ministry of the Interior. The questionnaire of an applicant who has not yet reached the age of 18 shall also be signed by the applicant's parents. If it is signed by only one of the parents, the consent of the other parent with an officially certified signature must be attached.

When filling in the applicant's questionnaire, the authority receiving the application shall verify by interview whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the Slovak language. Proficiency in the Slovak language is verified in a way that corresponds to the applicant's state of health, education and age (for more details, see Conditions for granting Slovak citizenship).

The office which received the application will then send the applicant's entire file, including the statement of the relevant police department, to the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic for a decision.

Decision on the application and time limit for processing

The Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, which then examines the application, may also invite the applicant for a personal interview, in particular for the purpose of explaining some fact concerning his/her person.

Once all the conditions required by law have been fulfilled, the Ministry of the Interior may - but does not have to - grant citizenship to the applicant. In making its decision, it shall take into account the interests of the Slovak Republic, in particular in terms of state security, internal order, foreign policy interests, the obligations of the Slovak Republic towards third countries, the socio-economic situation, as well as the opinions of the state authorities and the Police Force concerned.

The Ministry shall decide on the citizenship application within 24 months of the receipt of the application by the Ministry at the latest. If the opinion of other state authorities is required for the decision and the decision depends on them or if the Ministry requests additional documents, the procedure and the time limit shall be suspended.

The moment of acquisition of nationality

The citizenship of the Slovak Republic shall be acquired upon receiving the citizenship certificate. The applicant shall be handed over the certificate by the district office in the seat of the region, diplomatic mission or consular office of the Slovak Republic after taking the oath of a Slovak citizen of the Slovak Republic.

Taking the oath is a condition for acquiring Slovak citizenship. The oath shall not be taken by children under 14 years of age and persons whose state of health does not permit it. The oath shall be taken in the hands of the head of the district office in the seat of the region, the ambassador, the consul or a person authorised by them.

I swear on my honour and conscience that I will be loyal to the Slovak Republic, will observe the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the constitutional laws, laws and other generally binding legal regulations and will duly perform all the duties of a citizen of the Slovak Republic.

If the applicant does not take possession of the citizenship certificate within six months after receipt of the written invitation, the Ministry shall discontinue the procedure. The decision to discontinue the procedure shall be noted in the file and the applicant shall be notified of the discontinuance of the procedure.

If the Ministry has not granted citizenship of the Slovak Republic, the applicant may submit a new application for citizenship of the Slovak Republic at the earliest two years after the date on which the decision rejecting the application becomes final.