Special conditions for certain jobs - Regulated professions

Regulated professions refer to professions which are to some extent regulated by laws or administrative regulations and rules. The regulation is usually achieved through authorized private institutions, professional associations, central government or local administration authorities. Regulated professions include for instance doctorsaccountantsarchitects etc.

If the line of your business includes activities performance of which is conditioned upon professional qualification that you acquired abroad and it falls within the scope of regulated professions, you will need to have the qualification recognized in Slovakia. 

You may do so by completing and submitting the application for recognition of qualification for a regulated profession. Recognition of certificates and diplomas issued abroad is in competence of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, Centre for Recognition of Education Certificates.  

Download the application for recognition of qualification for a regulated profession:

Recognition of diplomas for a regulated profession (appl.)

More information
 on recognition of professional qualifications and education certificates may be found on the Central Government Portal or on the website of Ministry of Eudcation of the Slovak Republic.