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Welcome to Slovakia 2019

04 November 2019 In Booklets

Newly updated booklet published by the IOM Migration Information Centre entitled Welcome to Slovakia 2019 provides a short overview of basic information about Slovakia. You can find here practical tips and advice as well as the information about obligations you have under the Slovak legislation. 

The booklet contains updated information regarding the residence and the employment of third country nationals, the information about the education system, health care, social security and other important domains of life in Slovakia. 

This publication contains information that changes regularly. Please check with the IOM Migration Information Center for up-to-date information.

The booklet is available in Slovak, English and Russian language.

Marriage and Family Life of Foreigners in Slovakia

10 January 2017 In Booklets

The aim of the brochure is to provide you with an overview of information on the conditions of marriage between a foreign national and a citizen of the Slovak Republic (hereafter „SR“) or among foreign nationals themselves, obtaining residency for children of foreigners who were born in Slovakia, as well as the consequences of divorce on a foreign national‘s residency.

You will find here practical advice and important warnings about the obstacles in which you may encounter upon concluding a mar­riage in Slovakia, as well as the requirements you are subjected to under the law of the Slovak Republic upon marriage, birth of a child and divorce.




Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia

27 January 2015 In Booklets

Residence of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia

27 January 2015 In Booklets
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