Cooperation with Communities of Foreigners

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Community Mediators - enthusiastic people who want to help non-EU nationals living Slovakia.

Please contact us if you:

If you are interested in this cooperation, please send us your CV along with a short cover letter in English or Slovak to mic(at)

Please note this is not an offer of employment or volunteering. It is an external cooperation based on a contract with IOM.

Since 2006, Community Mediators, with the support of IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC), have organized 195 multicultural and community information events for more than 14,300 people.

At these events, we support the social life of the communities of foreigners and aim at raising awareness of topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Part of these activities are community workshops Welcoming Slovakia and public discussions Aj my sme tu doma organized in different regions of Slovakia. The sessions Welcoming Slovakia cover various topics of interest related to life in Slovakia, such as residence, family, employment, business, education, or citizenship. In cooperation with Community Mediators, these sessions are also organized online in form of webinars or videos in multiple languages.

The events Aj my sme tu doma focused on intercultural dialogue between foreigners' communities and majority population, networking and discussing current themes and challenges.