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From 1st of January – public health insurance for the child of a foreigner

The amendment of the Act on Health Insurance No. 580/2004 Z. z. became effective as from the 1st of January 2017. Minors holding a residence permit in Slovakia with at least one statutory representative (parent)

or natural person to whom he/she have been entrusted into care by a court decision taking part in the public health insurance system have been added to the scope of persons taking part in the public health insurance system while not having permanent residence in the Slovak Republic. A minor can be publicly insured only by the same health insurance company as his/her parent. Together with the application form it is necessary to submit the residence permit of a parent and the minor, proof of identity of the parent (passport), and the birth certificate of the child (verified and officially translated into Slovak). If you are a foreigner from a non EU/EHP country, have a residence permit in Slovakia, and you are employed or running a business as a sole trader, you can register your child in a public health insurance company.

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