How to Get a Job in Slovakia - Advice for Refugees, Temporary Refuge Holders or Asylum Seekers from Ukraine


Інформація українською мовою: БРОШУРА, СТАТТЯ.

As a citizen of Ukraine, I can stay in Slovakia for 90 days under the visa-free regime. I am not obliged to immediately apply for any form of international protection or temporary refuge, but I am obliged to report the address of my stay to the Foreign Police within 3 working days of entry to Slovakia.

A. I cannot work or run a business during my stay under a visa-free regime (90 days). I do not have public health insurance during this time.

B. If I have been granted temporary refuge (ODÍDENEC)

C. If I have been granted asylum or subsidiary protection (refugee status)

D. If I have applied for asylum:

Looking for a job 

I can look for job offers through well-known job portals, which are now providing a special section for people arriving from Ukraine.

In case I need assistance or counselling on labour market orientation, language education or requalification, I can find more information on the website of the Migration Information Centre.

The minimum wage in Slovakia is 700 EUR per month (gross). The average wage in Slovakia is 1 295 EUR per month (gross). I can look up an average wage for the concrete positions at or

Necessary documents

The employer is obliged to report that he/she employs a foreigner, so I need to provide him with the following documents:

  1. If I am granted temporary refuge - the employer will make a copy of my passport (if I do not have a passport, a copy of any identification document) and a copy of the document confirming the temporary refuge (or a copy of the document confirming a tolerated residence);
  2. If I am granted asylum or subsidiary protection – the employer will make a copy of my travel document, foreigner’s travel document or foreigner’s passport and a copy of the residence card;
  3. If I have applied for asylum - the employer will make a copy of my asylum seeker ID card.

In most cases, no additional documents are needed to work in Slovakia. However, there are some professions where additional documents are required. These are, in particular, professions for which a certain education is required, the so-called regulated professions. For more information on the recognition of education, I can contact the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas. The extract from the criminal record register that is normally needed for the performance of the work in the public interest or for the pedagogical work, can be replaced with a declaration of honour.

Dangerous practice

I must be careful:

In case I have doubts about the job offer or need advice, I can contact:

If I want to learn more about how to safely look for a job and not become a victim of human trafficking, there is a page for me which is available also in Ukrainian language.

Other useful information can be found in the information leaflet of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the SR.

If the employer does not pay me a salary, does not comply with the conditions agreed in the employment contract or infringes the Labour Code in any way, I can contact the relevant Labour Inspectorate or ask for free legal counselling:

Employee rights

In the labour market, I am guaranteed the same rights as an EU/EEA citizen, and I am therefore entitled to:

Termination of employment

The probationary period may be agreed for a maximum of 3 months. During this time, I can quit my job immediately and without giving any reason. During this period, my employer can similarly terminate the employment, immediately and without giving any reason.  Termination of employment has no effect on the legitimacy of my stay in Slovakia.

After the end of the probationary period, the work is terminated by termination (if I work less than 1 year, the notice period is 1 month), by agreement or immediate termination of employment (in case of serious violation of professional discipline).

Working through the Agency

I am not supposed to pay any fee for being offered a job via a temporary employment agency.       

The Agency shall assign me to work with the employer.

During the assignment, the salary is paid to me by the Agency.

The list of agencies that are authorised to assign employees can be found on the website of the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family where I can verify whether the agency has the necessary license. An agency without a license is not allowed to employ me.

Even if I work through the agency, my minimum rights (minimum wage, length of leave, etc.) are preserved.

Working in another EU/EEA country

  1. If I am granted temporary refuge in Slovakia, I can only work in Slovakia. If I decide to work in another country, I will first check the rules for entry and employment with the competent authorities in that country.
  2. If I am granted asylum or subsidiary protection in Slovakia, I can work in another EU/EEA country only if I obtain a work permit there.
  3. If I have applied for asylum which has not yet been decided, I must remain in Slovakia and cannot work in another EU/EEA country.