Residence of Union citizens

A citizen of the Union is entitled to a residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic during a period longer than three months, if he/she:

In this regard, a citizen of the Slovak republic is not considered to be an EU citizen. A family member of the Slovak citizen is considered to be a family member of the EU citizien only in case they reside in the same Member State and they return (or he/she joins the EU citizen) to reside back in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Registration of the right of residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic

A Union citizen staying in Slovakia for a period longer than three months is obliged to apply for registration of residence after expiry of three months from entering the territory of the Slovak Republic. The application for a free of charge registration is submitted in person on an official form at the competent Foreign Police Department together with a valid identification card or a valid travel document and a document confirming one of the matters above(employment contract, Trade Licence, confirmation from school or a bank account statement).

On the day of submitting a complete application, the Foreign Police Department will issue a confirmation about the residence registration of a Union citizen, which will state the name, surname and the address of the registered person as well as the date of registration. If the Union citizen fails to submit a document on accommodation, the municipality where he/she will be staying will be stated as the address.

Union Citizens may apply for issuance of a residence document valid for 5 years (plastic card) in person at the competent Foreign Police Department according to the place of residence in Slovakia. Contact details of Foreign Police departments can be found on this web site.  A valid travel document or valid identification card, 2 photographs (3x3.5 cm) and a document on accommodation need to be attached to the application for issuance of a residence document.

For registration of the right of residence as well as for issuance of a residence document, Union citizens please download this form.

The right of  a Union citizen to permanent residence

A Union citizen is entitled to a permanent residence, if he has legally resided in Slovakia for an uninterrupted period of five years. In specific cases, it is possible to apply for permanent residence even earlier than after five years of uninterrupted residence.

Obligation of the employer 

If the Union citizen comes to Slovakia for the purpose of employment, the employer is obliged to notify the local Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family within 7 working days from the start of the employment by sending a so-called Information Card (see the EURES web site). 

Termination of the right to residence of a Union citizen

The entitlement to residence or the entitlement to permanent residence of a Union citizenexpires, if:

Notice of the stay 

A Union citizen is also obliged to notify the Foreign Police Department of the start as well as of his/her place of residence within 10 working days from the day of entering Slovakia, unless the provider of accommodation (e.g. hotel) does it instead. This means the notification is necessary in case the Union citizen lives with relatives or friends.

It is necessary to submit a confirmation of accommodation containing the name of the person hosting the Union citizen including the person’s ID number.

More information can be found on the web site of the Central Public Administration portal and on the web site of the EURES portal.