Residence of Union citizens

Under the Act on the Residence of Foreigners, a Union citizen is:

Right of residence

A Union citizen is entitled to a residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic during a period longer than three months if he/she:

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Reporting duty

EU citizens are obliged to report their stay within 10 business days from the date of entry into the territory of the Slovak Republic to the Foreign Police Department according to their place of residence by completing the Notice of Stay form unless the provider of accommodation (e.g. hotel) does it instead. This means the notification is necessary in case the Union citizen lives with relatives, friends or in a rented apartment.

Registration of the right of residence in Slovakia

A Union citizen staying in Slovakia for a period longer than three months is obliged to register his/her residence within 30 days from the lapse of three months from entering Slovakia.  

The application for a free of charge registration is submitted in person on an official form (generated by the online booking system) at the competent Foreign Police Department together with:

On the day of submitting a complete application, the Foreign Police Department will issue a confirmation on the residence registration, which will contain the name, surname and address of the registered person as well as the date of registration. If the Union citizen fails to submit a document on accommodation, the municipality where he/she will be staying will be stated as the address.

Union Citizens may apply for the issuance of a residence card valid for 5 years. A valid travel document or a valid identification card, 2 photographs (3 x 3.5 cm) and proof of accommodation need to be attached to the application for issuance of a residence card.

Proof of accommodation can be:

Signatures in affidavits and tenancy agreements must be notarized

The right of a Union citizen to permanent residence

A Union citizen is entitled to a permanent residence if he has legally resided in Slovakia for an uninterrupted period of five years. In specific cases, it is possible to apply for permanent residence even earlier than after five years of uninterrupted residence.


Union citizens may be employed in Slovakia under the same conditions as Slovak citizens. They do not need a work permit or any other permit to be able to work.

Termination of the right of residence of a Union citizen

The entitlement to residence or the entitlement to permanent residence of a Union citizen expires, if:

  • the person notifies the Foreign Police Department in writing of the residence termination;
  • the person was deported;
  • the Foreign Police Department revoked his/her right to residence or to permanent residence;
  • the person died or was declared dead;
  • the person acquired citizenship of the Slovak Republic.