Reporting Residence and Other Important Changes

Foreign nationals are required to report the place of their residence in Slovakia at the Foreign Police Department according to their place of residence. It is a special obligation not connected to residence, and generally needs to be fulfilled directly after arrival to Slovakia.

It is important that foreign nationals notify the authorities of their place of residence in Slovakia in person. This applies if the foreign national has private accommodation. If the foreign national is staying at a hotel, hostel, dormitory etc., the person who has provided the accommodation will report the foreign national's residence, and the foreign national is not required to do so. Union citizens and their relatives are obliged to report the residence within 10 working days and third country nationals within 3 working days from entering the territory of the Slovak Republic. 

A foreign national holding any type of residence in Slovakia must report the beginning of his residence to the Foreign Police within 3 working days from entering the country. In addition, the foreign national must inform the Foreign Police Department according to the place of his residence in written, if he intends to stay outside the territory of Slovakia continuously for more than 180 days or if he intends to reside in a place not corresponding to the issued residence continuously for more than 30 days.

All other categories of foreign nationals (within the visa or visa free regime) report the beginning of their residence, place as well as the intended length of stay.

This information is entered into the official form “Notice of the Stay".

The foreign national is also obliged to inform the Foreign Police of any changes of personal data in his/her travel document within 5 working days from the day such change occurred.