Permanent residence for five years

The Police Authority grants the permanent residence permit for five years to a foreign national:
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The Ministry of the Interior may grant permanent residence for five years without meeting the conditions laid down in this Act, even repeatedly:

The application will be processed within 90 days

The application for permanent residence permit for five years must be submitted in person on the official form at a Slovak embassy abroad or at the Police Department in Slovakia if:

  1. the applicant is residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of a valid residence permit under a special regulation:
  2. the applicant is residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of a valid tolerated stay permit;
  3. the applicant is residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of a valid national visa issued by the SR;
  4. the applicant is residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of a valid Schengen visa issued by another Member State pursuant to an agreement on representation between the Slovak Republic and another Member State;
  5. the applicant is a third-country national who does no require a visa;
  6. the applicant is the holder of Certificate of a Slovak living abroad.

If the application is submitted at a Slovak embassy abroad, the foreigner will be interviewed for the purpose of preliminary assessment of the application.

An official form of the application can be downloaded from the web page of Border and Foreign police department.

The applicant must attach the following documents:

  1. valid travel document and two passport photographs (3 x 3.5 cm);
  2. document providing the purpose of residence;
  3. document proving clear criminal record;
  4. document proving financial coverage;
  5. written consent of a parent who is authorised to meet the child (the applicant) younger than 18 years of age;
  6. document of accommodation.

If the foreigner does not submit all the required documents to the Embassy or the Foreign Police department, the application will be rejected and the applicant will be given a written list of the necessary documents to be submitted with the application.

The foreign national must take out a health insurance policy within 3 days of collecting the residence card.

Within 30 days of obtaining the residence card, the foreigner must submit a medical report confirming that they do not suffer from any disease which could endanger public health (not older than 30 days). The police may extend the deadline for submitting the medical report by 60 days on request.


The application must be submitted on an official form issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

2 identical colour photographs sized 3 x 3.5 cm (passport format).

The method of documenting the purpose of permanent residence depends on the individual situation, for example in the case of a family reunion when concluding marriage between a foreigner and a Slovak national, a marriage certificate issued in the Slovak Republic and a certificate of permanent residence of a spouse in the Slovak Republic (e.g. a valid ID card) are submitted.

The clean criminal record of a foreign national is proved by submitting a Criminal record statement from their country of origin and a Criminal record statement from the country where the applicant has resided longer than 90 days during 6 consecutive months within the past 3 years. The criminal record is not required from foreign nationals younger than 14 years of age, or to change of type of residence, or in case the foreign national had already submitted it when applying for their previous residence permit.

Notice for US citizens.A federal Identification Record (criminal history record) valid for the whole territory of the United States of America is required when applying for a residence permit. A national Identification Record valid only for the territory of one state is not sufficient. Allow approximately 13 weeks for processing of your request. Therefore it is necessary to make the request with sufficient advance. The federal Identification Record is issued by the FBI and apostille is not required.

The stay of the applicant must be financially covered in the amount of 12-times the minimum subsistence level (from July 2019 the sum of the minimum subsistence level is EUR 210,20). The financial coverage can be proved by submitting either a bank account statement in the name of the foreign national from a bank in the territory of Slovakia or in his home country, translated to Slovak by a certified translator, or an employer´s confirmation of the amount of the agreed wage. Financial coverage may also be proved by a notarially certified declaration of the person with whom the foreigner asks for a family reunion, supplemented by their bank account statement or by the employer's confirmation of the person's salary. 

Document confirming the provision of accommodation must be issued for a minimum period of 6 months. Document confirming the provision of accommodation can for example be an affidavit of real estate ownership (if the foreigner is the owner of the property) or a lease with the owner or user of the property and proof of eligibility to use the property in case of a lease agreement with the property user, or confirmation of the accommodation facility, a hotel or a boarding house, or an affidavit of a physical person or a legal entity of provision of accommodation to the foregin national on the territory of Slovakia and proof of eligibility to use the property in case of an affidavit of the property user.

The foreign national must take out a health insurance policy within 3 days of collecting the residence card.

A medical report certifying that the foreign national does not suffer from an illness endangering public health must be submitted within 30 days of collecting the residence permit. The police may extend the time limit for submitting the medical report by 60 days at the request of the foreigner. The medical report cannot be older than 30 days. The medical report need not be submitted by a foreign national with a residence in another Union Member State or by a foreign national changing the type of their residence. The medical report may be issued only by one of these medical facilities:  

Bratislava region:

Nitra region:

Trenčin region:

Banská Bystrica region:

Žilina region:

Košice region:

A foreign national can be granted permanent residence for an unlimited time period after 4 years from having obtained the permanent residence for five years (see the article Permanent residence for an unlimited time period).

Authentication of documents 

All documents issued by an authority of a foreign state must be duly authenticated (see the article Application for temporary Residence).

The documents submitted with the application cannot be older than 90 days (except for civil registry documents, e.g. marriage certificate etc.), otherwise the Police Department will not accept them. Each document issued abroad must be translated into Slovak language by a certified translator and duly verified (apostille or superlegalization).