Permanent residence for an unlimited time period

The Police Authority may grant a permanent residence for an unlimited time period to a foreign national, who:

Download Fact Sheet: MIC_2018_Permanent_residence_for_unlimited_time.pdf

The application for permanent residence for an unlimited time period must be submitted in person, on an official form at the Foreign Police department in Slovakia. Download the application on the website of the Bureau of Border and Foreign Police.

Application processing time is 90 days.

Documents for the application

The foreign national must submit the following documents, not older than 90 days, proving:  

The Police Authority may also request a document (not older than 90 days) confirming that the applicant has secured accommodation in Slovakia and an affidavit certifying that the purpose for granting the residence still holds. 


The application must be submitted on an official form issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

2 identical colour photographs 3 x 3.5 cm (passport format).

The stay of the applicant must be financially covered in the amount of 12-times the minimum subsistence level (from July 2019 the sum of the minimum subsistence level is EUR 210,20). The financial coverage can be proved by submitting either a bank account balance confirmation held in the name of the foreign national in the Slovak republic or in their home country (translated to Slovak by a certified translator and duly verified) or a confirmation given by the employer about the applicant's monthly salary.

The Police Department will request documents proving accommodation, if it is not obvious from the documents submitted previously that the foreign national has secured accommodation.