EU Blue Card

Blue Card is a type of temporary residence, which is issued to third country nationals for the purpose of highly qualified employment in Slovakia. The basic requirement for acquiring the Blue Card is higher professional qualification in the form of university education. Blue Card entitles you to enter, reside and work in Slovakia, to travel abroad and back.

The application for the Blue Card must be submitted at the diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic accredited to the country of your citizenship or the country of your residence. If you reside in Slovakia legally, you may submit the application at the competent Foreign Police Department according to the place of your residence.

Your future employer must report a job vacancy to the Central Labour Office at least 30 working days before applying for the Blue Card.

To obtain a Blue Card you need:

  1. Official application form for temporary residence printed, completed in Slovak language, and signed,
  2. Valid passport,
  3. Two colour photographs(3 x 3.5 cm),
  4. Employment contract (employment relationship in the duration of at least 1 year and the agreed salary must not be lower than 1.5 multiple of the wage in Slovak national economy in the relevant field), or a promise of employment(in this case, the employment contract must be submitted within 30 days from collecting of the Blue Card).
  5. Document on recognition of education(in the case of regulated professions the decision is issued by the Ministry of Education of the SR, the Centre for Recognition of Diplomas and in the case of unregulated professions, the decision is issued by the University that provides a course in the same or related field of study, as indicated in the document on education),
  6. Criminal Registry Extractfrom the country of your origin and the countries where you have resided in the last 3 years for more than 90 days during 6 consecutive months (no older than 90 days),
  7. Document on accommodationin Slovakia (no older than 90 days),
  8. Administrative feein the amount of EUR 165.50 (if you submit the application the Foreign Police Department) or EUR 170 (if you submit the application at a diplomatic mission the Slovak Republic abroad),
  9. Administrative feeof EUR 4.50 (for issuing the residence document).

Please download official application form of the promise of employment,  find more information at  the web site of the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family or ask at every Labour Office

The Foreign Police will issue a decision within 30 days from the date of submitting your complete application.

Within 30 days from collecting the residence document (if submitted at a diplomatic mission the Slovak Republic abroad), you must submit a medical report confirming you do not suffer from a disease endangering public health (no older than 30 days) at a competent Foreign Police department.

Blue Card is issued for a period of 3 years, or if the duration of the employment relationship is shorter than 3 years, the Foreign Police Department will issue a Blue Card for the duration of the employment relationship extended by 90 days.

Who can not apply for a Blue Card:

If you hold a Blue Card issued by another Union Member State for longer than 18 months, you may apply for a Blue Card in Slovakia at the Foreign Police Department within 30 days from the entry in the territory of Slovakia. If the validity of your Blue Card expires during the procedure on granting the Blue Card in Slovakia, your residence in Slovakia is considered legal until an effective decision on the Blue Card application.