Where can I apply for my visa extension?

As a rule, the extension of a uniform Schengen visa in the territory of the Slovak Republic is not possible.

Only in exceptional cases, the period of validity of your visa may be extended by a maximum of three months within one half-year. The application for a visa validity extension must be submitted at the competent Foreign Police Department.

The period of validity of an issued visa shall be extended if you provide proof of:

If you need to remain in the territory of the Slovak Republic for a period longer than 90 days, you can consider the alternative of applying for a tolerated residence.

If your uniform Schengen visa validity is to expire and you do not have a Slovak residence permit, you must leave the territory of the Slovak Republic. You may apply for a new visa abroad. 

In exceptional cases, the Police Unit may issue the visa at border crossing points if the applicant fulfills certain conditions, i.e. the applicant was unable to apply for a visa in advance and submits, if required, supporting documents proving unforeseeable and imperative reasons for entry. Equally, the applicant must have a valid travel document, justify the purpose and conditions of the planned stay, have sufficient financial means for living expenses during the planned residence and return to the country of origin, eventually must be able to acquire such financial means lawfully. Such a visa entitles the holder to stay for a maximum duration of 15 days.

Pursuing an international agreement, a visa may be issued by a Diplomatic Mission or Consulate of another EU member state abroad.

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WARNING: There is no legal entitlement to be granted a visa, aside from a visa granted to a family member of an asylum seeker, fulfilling the conditions pursuant to Act No. 480/2002 on Asylum. The foreign national will not be informed of the reasons for visa revocation.