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Get a Financial Contribution for a Course

Do you want to improve your position at the Slovak labour market or increase your qualification? Now you can get a financial contribution for an education / retraining course.


Successful accomplishment of an education / retraining course can help you gain new skills and will provide better opportunity to be successfully involved in the Slovak labour market. One of the conditions for granting the financial contribution is that the course can help you find a new job, improve your current employment situation or business in Slovakia. 

The contribution can be used to cover education courses (foreign language courses, PC skills courses, etc.) or retraining courses (e.g. a hairdressing course, course for using a high-lift truck, etc.). We can help you in finding a suitable course. If you are applying for the contribution, you should speak either Slovak or another language the course will be in, so that you can successfully complete the course.

The contribution can be awarded to all foreigners who are NOT citizens of the EU and EEA countries and have a valid residence permit in Slovakia. The contribution cannot be awarded to the holders of temporary residence for the purpose of study, residence of family member of an EU citizen, and holders/beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or asylum in Slovakia.

Applicant’s residence permit should be valid for the period of minimum six months following the date of receiving the application for the financial contribution for education / retraining course by the IOM MIC. Applicant’s residence permit should be valid for the entire duration of the course that the applicant would like to attend. 

You cannot apply for the contribution, if you have already paid for / started attending the course. The application should be sent minimum three weeks before the start of the course

The commission decides within 15 working days after the submission of a complete application. The financial contribution is paid in the form of reimbursement after the successful accomplishment of the course and submission of required documentation. The financial contribution cannot be legally claimed. 

Download the application form for the financial contribution for a course.

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the form “Application for Financial Contribution for Education / Retraining Course” (use the weblink above).
  2. Attach the copy of your residence permit card (both sides).
  3. Deliver all the above-mentioned documentation to the office of the IOM Migration Information Centre (Grösslingová Street 35, 811 09, Bratislava or Poštová Street 1, 040 01, Košice) or send it via e-mail to .

Once we receive your application, we will contact you about the next steps.

The financial contribution can also cover these costs (approved in advance):

  • Administrative fees;
  • Books / learning materials needed for the course;
  • Travel costs to get to the course from the place of residence (up to the price of a 2nd class public transport ticket);
  • Medical check costs (in case it is required to get a certificate / license).

If you have any questions, please contact us: or 0850 211 478. 



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You are here: Home Social Issues Education Get a Financial Contribution for a Course