Types of health insurance

The range and price of health care you can receive in Slovakia is, to some extent, conditioned by the type of your health insurance.

We can distinguish between two basic types of health insurance:

Public health insurance is compulsory for most permanent residents and for specific categories of people without permanent residence in Slovakia. Information on eligibility criteria, as well as exceptions from compulsory public health insurance, can be found here.

Within the framework of public health insurance, a policyholder (insured person) is entitled to health care and services under the Health Insurance Act. 

Private (also called individual or commercial) health insurance can serve as the alternative insurance for all residents who are not eligible for public health insurance or as supplemental insurance (for above-standard health care).

In this case, a policyholder is entitled to health care to the extent specified in the contract with the insurance company. Private health insurance contracts are regulated by the Civil Code.