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Whom the state pays health insurance for

The state is, among other things, the payer of compulsory health insurance for:

  • a dependent child (if the child meets the conditions of the categorized system of compulsory public health insurance)
  • a pensioner under the Health Insurance Act
  • a beneficiary of parental allowance
  •  a person who has reached retirement age and entitlement to pension has not yet begun
  •  a person who is disabled and his entitlement to a disability pension has not yet begun
  •  a person in custody or serving a prison sentence
  • a person who has been placed in a social care facility by a court order, or resides in a social services facility year-round
  • a foreign student who fulfills all obligations under international agreements by which the Slovak Republic is bound
  • a beneficiary of financial contributions for child care
  • a person who  personally gives daily proper care to a child under the age of six years
  • an employee’s spouse who conducts civil service abroad, or an employee who works under contract for the public's interest abroad
  • a person who takes care of a severely disabled citizen, who is dependent according to an expert’s opinion; or someone who takes care of a close person older than 80 years who has not been placed in a social services or health care facility (care of such persons shall be proven by an affidavit)
  • a person who provides personal assistance to a citizen with severe disabilities under a special regulation
  • a person in receipt of  wage compensation, illness, nursing or maternity benefits under a special regulation
  • a person who receives welfare benefits or a welfare benefit contribution (for example, a foreign national with a tolerated stay in the Slovak Republic), and a person who is jointly assessed, if he doesn’t have any income under a special regulation
  • a person who is listed in the register of job seekers
  • a foreign national who is detained in the Slovak Republic
  • a refugee (a person who has been granted asylum, not an asylum seeker)
  • a person who works for a church, religious community and charity and does not receive income from this work or from any other activities in addition to the exempt income
  • a person who is in receipt of health security and receives wage compensation of police service during his temporary inability to perform civil service, and wage compensation of a professional soldier who cannot perform military service due to illness or accident, sickness or maternity under special legislation
  • a PhD student in full time study, if the total length of his doctoral studies exceed the standard length of study of a full time doctoral and has not yet earned a PhD degree or has not yet reached 30 years of age.

However, the state provides health care (beyond health insurance) also to the following categories of foreign nationals:

  • asylum seeker
  • an applicant for temporary assylum
  • a foreign national who has been granted temporary asylum
  • a foreign national who has been granted subsidiary protection (in some cases)

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You are here: Home Social Issues Health Care Whom the state pays health insurance for