Subsistence Minimum

Subsistence Minimum is an essential factor for providing support within the social security system of the Slovak Republic. Act No. 601/2003 Coll. on subsistence minimum and on amendment of certain acts as amended, defines subsistence minimum as a socially recognized minimum income threshold of a natural person. If the ones income is lower than this threshold, the situation is classified as material need.

The subsistence minimum for a natural person or natural persons whose income is assessed jointly, is considered:

These amounts are adjusted as of July 1 of the current calendar year. Adjusted amounts of the subsistence minimum are determined annually by the provision of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family and the full wording is usually published in the Journal of Laws.

Inclusion of incomes

To determine the income of a natural person for purposes of determining the subsistence minimum the following are included:

The following are not considered incomes for the purpose of determining  the amount of the subsistence minimum: