Maternity benefit

The maternity benefit is a type of social insurance – sickness insurance, in which the insured person contributes to the social insurance system and in case the insured person meets the conditions for payment of maternity benefit, this benefit will be provided. Sickness insurance is a type of insurance intended for the case of income reduction or income loss and for ensuring income in case of temporary incapacity to work, pregnancy or maternity.

The conditions for arising of the entitlement to maternity benefit are identical for all applicants for the benefit, regardless of their nationality and type of residence.

Conditions for arising of the entitlement to maternity benefit:

  1. pregnancy or care for a new-born child or taking of the child into care and caring for the child (e.g. father of the child in case of mother’s death or father of the child, at the earliest six weeks after the date of birth, if the mother does not receive maternity benefit for the same child or parental allowance, or a wife of child’s father in case of mother’s death – so-called another insured person)
  2. sickness insurance in the Social Insurance Agency – contribution to the social insurance system 
  3. insurance period – must be at least 270 days during the past two years before the child’s delivery/taking of the child into care. The period of taking parental leave is also counted against the insured period.

The period of entitlement to maternity benefit payments

In the case of a mother of the child:

 In case of another insured person (see above):

 The entitlement to benefit in case of other insured person is maximum until 3 years of child’s age.

 The benefit is paid from the date of arising of the entitlement:

 In case of child’s mother:

 In case of another insured person:

The amount of maternity benefit

The amount of maternity benefit is calculated by the Social Insurance Agency based on a rather complicated computation. In principle, the monthly amount of maternity benefit corresponds to approximately 75 % of wage or 75% of the amount from which the insured person contributed to the sickness insurance system.

Claiming of the entitlement

You can claim the maternity benefit by submitting an official form, issued by the doctor or by the branch of the Social Insurance Agency at the branch of Social Insurance Agency according to your place of residence. In case you are employed the application form must also be certified by your employer.

More on this benefit on the website of the Social Insurance Agency here.