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Unemployment benefit

The unemployment benefit is a type of social insurance benefit – unemployment insurance. The insured person contributes to the social insurance system and in case the insured person meets the conditions for payment of unemployment benefit, this benefit will be provided from unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is a type of insurance intended for the case of employee‘s income loss and for ensuring income in case unemployment.

The conditions for arising of the entitlement to unemployment benefit are identical for all applicants for benefit, regardless of their nationality and type of residence.

In order for you to be entitled to unemployment benefit, you must meet following conditions:

  1. residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic
  1. registration into the jobseekers‘ registry at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family according to your place of residence. Download the application form for registration into jobseekers‘ registry
  1. insurance at the Social Insurance Agancy during the period specified by the law before the entitlement to benefit arises – contributing to the system of social insurance, either as a compulsorily sickness insured person (which is in principle every employee or sole trader who has been performing business activities in Slovakia for more than one year) or as a voluntarily insured person (based on subscribing of a foreigner with permanent or temporary residence to the voluntary unemployment insurance scheme. At the same time the person needs to be voluntarily sickness and pension insured)
  1. the duration of your insurance must last as follows:
  • at least two years within the past four years before being registered into the jobseekers‘ registry (year = 365 days of insurance).


The period of taking parental leave is also counted against the insured period.

The unemployment insurance period shall not include the period of insurance payments acquired prior to the date of arising of previous benefit entitlement.

The period of unemployment benefit payments (so called support period) is six months.

The unemployment benefit is paid from the moment of registration into jobseekers‘ registry.

The unemployment benefit is paid until the end of support period or until removal from the jobseekers‘ registry (e.g. entering of employment relationship, start of sole trader authorisation, identification of non-cooperation with the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family)

The amount of unemployment benefit:

The unemployment benefit amount equals to 50 % of daily basis for assessment (e.g. 50 % of income coming from a gainful activity).

The daily basis for assessment is calculated as a share of the sum of bases for assessment out of which the insured person had paid the insurance amount in the given reference period and the number of days in the given reference period.

The reference period is the period of two years before the date when the entitlement to unemployment benefit arose.

Claiming of the entitlement:

You can claim the unemployment benefit at the branch of the Social Insurance Agency according to your respective place of residence. You need to submit a written certificate confirming registration of the insured person into the jobseekers‘ registry (to be issued by the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family) and the application form for claiming the unemployment benefit which can be downloaded here.


Note: The unemployment benefit cannot be paid (exported) abroad. Therefore, in case of foreigners who were granted temporary residence, which is bound by the purpose of stay, the unemployment insurance is often irrelevant. The condition for arising of the entitlement to unemployment benefit is termination of employment, or business activity and subsequent registration into jobseekers‘ registry at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The actual receiving of the benefit is often unrealistic, because by terminating the employment, or business activity, or specific type of activity, the purpose of stay becomes invalid and results into cancellation of foreigner’s temporary residence in Slovak Republic and need to leave the territory.  


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