Supplementary Child Allowance

The supplementary child allowance is a type of state social benefit paid by the state to the entitled person for raising and nurturing of the dependent child, in relation to which, the tax bonus cannot be claimed. 

Who is entitled?

Upon meeting certain conditions even a foreigner with a permanent residence on the territory  of the Slovak Republic is entitled to receive the allowance. 

The entitlement to receive the supplementary child allowance is reserved to a person, which is entitled to child allowance if at the same time the person:

Pension (old-age pension, early old-age pension, disability pension due to a reduction in capacity to perform gainful activity by more than 70%, a similar benefit in other member state) or care allowance

The above conditions need to be jointly met by:

If the child is a child placed in care of only one of the parents, the conditions of the second parent are not examined. 

How much?

The amount of the supplementary child allowance is 11,70 EUR and this amount is being adjusted each year on  January 1st of the calendar year. 

How to apply? 

The entitlement to allowance can be claimed at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, department of State Social Benefits according to the entitled person’s place of permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia. The Office will pay the allowance retrospectively, starting from the moment when the conditions for granting the allowance were met, however maximum for a period of 6 months back.

The following documents must be attached to the application:


Starting with the first day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the dependent child reached the age of 25 years or acquired a university education of the second degree.

Download the application form for the supplementary child allowance.