Child Care Allowance

In order to cover the costs necessary for child care the state contributes to the parent or to a natural person to whose care the child was placed by means of the Child Care Allowance.

The child care is provided as follows:

For the sake of receiving parental allowance, the term child refers to the following:

Who is entitled?

Upon meeting certain conditions even a foreigner with a temporary or permanent residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic is entitled to receive the allowance. 

The entitled person:

Conditions for arising of the entitlement:

The entitlement arises for each child of the entitled person unless the conditions are met due to which the entitlement to the allowance does not arise. 

The entitlement to the child care allowance does not arise in following instances: 

How to apply

The application for child care allowance is submitted in writing by the entitled person to the Office of Labour, Social Affairs according to place of permanent or temporary residence.

The entitled person is obliged to prove in particular the following:

Download the application form for the allowance.

How much?

The amount of the child care allowance per calendar month is provided as follows:

 This amount is being adjusted each year on January 1st of the calendar year.