Childbirth allowance

Childbirth allowance is a one-time state social benefit whose purpose is to cover the expenditures related to the security needs of a newborn.

Conditions for claiming the childbirth allowance are:

A person entitled to claim this allowance is:

Entitlement to childbirth allowance does not arise if:

The child's mother is also not entitled to the childbirth allowance if she:

The contribution amounts to EUR 829.86, for children born from the first to the third birth and who have survived at least 28 days, or EUR 151.37 for children born from the fourth and subsequent births or for children from the first birth to the third birth and who have died before 28 days. If two or more children are born simultaneously and at least two of them have survived 28 days, the amount of the allowance is increased by EUR 75.69 for each child who has survived at least 28 days.

Entitlement may be applied for at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, the department of state social benefits, competent for the place of permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia. The Office shall pay the benefits retroactively from the time in which the conditions for the declaration were met, up to 6 months.

The application form must be accompanied by: