Childbirth allowance

Childbirth allowance is a one-time state social benefit whose purpose is to cover the expenditures related to the security needs of a newborn.

The condition for claiming the childbirth allowance is the birth of a child and  permanent residence as well as current residence of the authorised person in the Slovak Republic. If the child was born in a country which is not a Member State of the EU/EEC, he may be entitled to the allowance if the authorised person had had public health insurance in the Slovak Republic for at least 12 consecutive calendar months before the child's birth. 

An authorised person may claim this allowance if the person is the mother whom the child was born to, the child's father if the mother has died, if after investigations have proven or it has been publicised on the basis of a final court decision the child was put into care, or a person who has taken the child into care replacing parental care on the basis of a final decision of a court or another competent authority. Entitlement to childbirth allowance does not occur if the person cannot ensure a doctor for the child, has agreed to adoption of the child before claiming the allowance, is a minor and does not have the court’s permission for the parental rights and responsibilities of the child with regard to custody. Entitlement to an allowance does not occur even if the child has been entrusted to foster parental care, or, if at least one of the children of the entitled person was born before the child was born, the persons claiming the childbirth allowance is entrusted to substitute for parental care, or, if the child was born outside the Slovak Republic and the claimant had a similar benefit paid by a competent authority of that state. The child's mother is also not entitled to the childbirth allowance if she did not attend a preventive check-up once a month with a doctor specializing specialization in obstetrics and gynecology from the fourth month of pregnancy to childbirth, or has left the medical facility after childbirth without proper release from the attending doctor . 

The contribution amounts to €829.86, for children born from the first to the third birth and who have survived at least 28 days, or the amount is €151.37 for children born from the fourth and subsequent births or for children from the first birth to the third birth and who have died before 28 days. If two or more children are born simultaneously and at least two of them have survived 28 days, the amount of the allowance is increased by €75.69 for each child who has survived at least 28 days.

Entitlement may be applied for at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, the department of state social benefits based on the place of permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia. The Office shall pay the benefits retroactively from the time in which the conditions for declaration were met, up to 6 months.

The application form must be accompanied by: