Family Benefits for Foreigners from Non-EU Countries: recordings in four languages

We would like to share with you the recordings of webinars on family benefits, organized by IOM MIC on 14 October 2020 (in Slovak), 19 November 2020 (in English), 4 February 2021 (in Russian), and 18 February 2021 (in Ukrainian).

The webinars and presentation focused on the most important issues related to:

You will find out what conditions you have to meet in order to receive individual benefits; what are the amounts of the benefits, and what documents you should submit to the competent authority, together with your application for the benefit.

UPDATE: Changes in the amounts of benefits in 2023:

More information on the family benefits can be found in the section Social Support Benefits

WEBINAR: English version


WEBINAR: Slovak version


PRESENTATION: Russian version


PRESENTATION: Ukrainian version