Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia

If you want to work in Slovakia and you are not a European Union national, you have to meet different conditions depending on the type of residence, type of work you want to perform, length of stay and other factors.

Find more information in our New Fact Sheets on Residence.

In general a third-country national may be employed in Slovakia if he/she:

If you need a work permit, confirmation on the possibility to fill in a vacancy or if you hold the EU Blue Card, you are only entitled to perform work within an employment relationship (contract of employment). In other cases, you may also be employed on the basis of an agreement performed out of the employment relationship.

Information on the conditions required in specific cases is available in our booklet "Employment of Foreign Nationals in Slovakia".

Looking for a job in Slovakia

In this section you will find practical information, tips and weblinks related to job search in Slovakia.

At the IOM Migration Information Centre we help clients – citizens of non-EU countries - who are looking for a job, by providing information and guidance about the process, as well as support with creating a CV or a cover letter. For more information about our services in this area, please click here.

The first step when searching for a job is to create or update your CV (resume). We recommend writing it in Slovak and in a foreign language you speak.

If you don´t have a CV yet or you would like to change its format, you can use one of the free online tools or templates, as for example the Europass CV format, Profesia CV template, or other CV templates. When writing a CV, you can also read some of the online guides: Europass, Monster, Zety, Profesia (in Slovak), Grafton, etc.

We also recommend creating or updating your LinkedIN profile. Here are some tips.

The most used job search portal in Slovakia is Profesia.sk (also in English). You can filter the published job offers by location, language, job area, position, key words and other criteria. You can also set-up an automatic sending of job offers by e-mail, based on your preferences. The section FAQ covers guidelines for using the portal Profesia.sk, such as looking for a job, creating a CV / cover letter or recruitment agencies. Additionally there is a Job Forum, available for registered members of Profesia.sk. The membership is free of charge.

Another widely used employment portal is ISTP (only in Slovak language). Other portals include Kariera.sk, Praca.sme.sk or Index Nosluš. There is not a special list of job offers for foreigners on these portals. Tip: you can filter the offers by the foreign language you speak. Job offers can also be found on the websites of the recruitment agencies.

On our website, you can find a list of all the necessary documents for the temporary residence for the purpose of employment, as well as information about the work permit. To check if you need a visa to come to Slovakia to visit, study or work, please use our "Visa Check" tool. Based on the information you provide, the online tool "Work Permit Check" will advise you on how to proceed if you want to work in Slovakia, change your employer or apply for residence.