Reporting a Vacancy and the Situation on the Labour Market

When deciding on the application for a work permit or for the EU Blue Card, or in cases where confirmation on the possibility to fill in a vacancy is required, the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family or the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Familly (in case of Blue Card) is obliged to take into account the situation on the labour market and consider whether the register of job seekers does not include a job seeker that would qualify for the job vacancy in question.

Therefore, if an employer wants to employ you, he must first report a job vacancy to a Labour Office competent according to the place of work(or Central Labour Office). A vacancy may be reported in person, in writing, by telephone, electronic mail, fax or via the web page You can download an official form for reporting a vacancy here and it is also available at all Labour offices.

A vacancy must be reported:

Labour Office (or Central Labour Office) shall first examine whether the register of job seekers does not include a job seeker that would qualify for the vacancy in question. If such applicants are listed in the register of job seekers, the Labour Office is required to give them priority.

When is the labour market situation not taken into account?

For the performance of a job with a labour shortage, the competent Labour Office shall issue a certificate on the possibility of filling the vacancy without taking into account the labour market situation. The condition is that the proportion of third-country nationals employed by the employer is less than 30 % of the total number of employees and the place of employment is in the relevant region where the occupation is identified as a shortage occupation. Occupations with labour shortages in individual regions are published by the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

Labour Office will grant you a work permit without taking into account the labour market situation if you are sent to the SR as part of an intra-corporate transfer and you perform an internship in the Slovak Republic (and you have a university degree) or a position of manager or expert requiring exceptional professional knowledge, skills, abilities, knowledge, qualifications and experience necessary for operations or management. 

In the same way, without taking into account the situation in the labour market, the Labour Office will issue a confirmation of the possibility of filling a vacancy if you carry out a continuous educational activity or scientific activity in Slovakia as a pedagogical employee, university teacher, research worker or artistic worker in a university, research employee or development employee in research activity and also if you apply for the renewal of temporary residence for the same job.

In these cases it is still necessary to report a job vacancy, however, a required period of 20 working days does not have to be observed.