Work Permit

In Slovakia, you can be employed only with a work permit, if:

Work permits can be issued for up to 2 years or 5 years based on the international treaty. For seasonal workers work permits can be issued for up to 90 days for 12 consecutive months.

Work permit is non-transferable. It is issued for a specific employment with a specific employer and it is also binding as to the type of work and place of work. If you want to change your employer, you will have to  obtain a new work permit.

Work permits are issued by the Labour Office locally competent according to your future place of work. 

Future employer must report a job vacancy at least 10 working days before submitting the application for a work permit.

Application for a work permit

The application for a work permit is submitted at a competent Labour Office on an official application form. The application forms are available also for download from here. The application can be submitted in person, by mail or your future employer may do so on your behalf on basis of a power of attorney. 

The application for a work permit can be submitted no earlier than 10 working days of reporting the job vacancy.

The application for a work permit must be submitted together with:

  1. Official application form for a work permit printed, completed in Slovak language and signed,
  2. Copy of the document on residence (if it was granted to you),
  3. Contract of employment or written promise of employment,
  4. Decision on the recognition of a document on education or an authenticated and officially translated document proving required education in case of regulated profesions,
  5. Written power of attorney (if the application is submitted on your behalf  by your future employer or by the company you were deployed to).

The application for a work permit will be processed within 20 working days.

The application, including all attachments, must be submitted in Slovak language. Foreign documents need to be officially translated into Slovak language and a certified translator seal must be attached.

Employer’s Reporting Duty

The employer is obliged to notify in writing the Labour Office of the commencement and termination of employment of a foreign national within seven working days from commencement of the employment and its termination. The notification must be submitted together with a copy of the contract of employment.

If the foreign national does not take up the post or if the employment of a work permit holder ends prematurely, the employer has a duty to notify the Labour Office about this fact within seven working days.

Work Permit Extension

Validity of the work permit can be extended - also repeatedly - for up to 2 years. 

You should apply for your work permit extension no earlier than 90 and no later than 30 days before the expiration of your current work permit and equally no earlier than 10 working days of reporting the job vacancy at locally competent Labour Office. You can get the work permit extension only on the condition that you will work for the same employer. If you intend to change the employer or work on a different position, you have to apply for a new work permit.

Expiration of a Work Permit

Work permit in SR becomes invalid when:

The Labour Office may cancel the work permit if:

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