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IOM the Netherlands has launched a European digital platform to improve labour market access of residence permit holders:

The early validation of formal and informal competences is crucial for the successful labour participation of beneficiaries of international protection. The website offers information on services, organizations, projects and initiatives that support the identification of skills, knowledge and competencies of beneficiaries of international protection with a focus on nine EU member states: Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The platform also shows employment success stories from migrants and their employers in each participating member state.

The platform is part of IOM’s EC funded Skills2Work initiative, which focuses on skills recognition with a European reach. Project partners in the Netherlands are the African Young Professional Network, COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers), Radboud University in Nijmegen and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.

Take a look at the Skills2Work platform here. For more information on the Skills2Work project and to sign up to newsletters click here.


Are you interested in life of people from different countries and cultures living in Slovakia? 

  • We are looking for new communities and individuals interested in cooperation
  • Non-EU nationals having direct contact with migrants from countries outside the EU who know their culture and communities of migrants in Slovakia
  • Interested in supporting the cultural life of their communities and activities in Slovakia
  • Would like to work in the field of migration, intercultural dialogue, and integration

We offer:

  • Opportunities to gain skills, financial support and assistance with organization of events in your community, new contacts with other migrant communities, information sharing, intensive cooperation, the opportunity to develop
  • To become a member of the team of cultural mediators who are members of migrant communities, working with Migration Information Centre (MIC), and create a bridge of understanding between the majority and community,
  • To help migrants to take their first steps in the integration into Slovak society, to organize multicultural events, to collaborate on education of employees in state and non-governmental organizations, and to share relevant information with the communities of migrants.
  • To participate at our web page Atlas of Communities, to represent the whole spectrum of cultures in Slovakia, varieties of cuisines, cultures and customs, as well as the creation of an information bridge between migrant communities and the public.

Migration Information Centre IOM (MIC) is working with communities of migrants living in Slovakia since 2006. Cooperation is carried out both in the form of formal community, unions, and in the form of informal clubs and emerging groups who are interested in the unity. Did you know that the cultural mediators in collaboration with MIC organized more than 200 multicultural and other cultural events that provided the public with their countries and supported the social life of their communities?


We offer free consultation in the following areas:

  • Counselling and support for orientation on the labour market, assistance with job search
  • Counselling with job loss (rights and responsibilities, change of the type of the residence permit, how to register at the Central Office of Labour
  • Assistance with resume (CV) preparation, motivation letter and help in communication with employer
  • Analysis of the situation on the labour market at the job search in a desired field
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Contact with the institutions and assistance with applying for social insurance
  • Counselling with issuing and signing of an employment contract, rights and responsibilities of an employee and an employer
  • Counselling related to recognition of diplomas and education

We provide support with education and retraining:

Open Courses of Slovak Language

We provide free Open Courses of Slovak Language and Courses of Social and Cultural Orientation in Bratislava and Košice. More info about the courses.


Get a Financial Contribution for a Course

Do you want to improve your position at the Slovak labour market or increase your qualification? Now you can get a financial contribution for an education / retraining course. More info about the contribution.


Learn Slovak Language for Free

We would like to present you various options to learn Slovak for free online: E-learning websites, publications and handbooks. For more info click HERE!

We provide free legal advice in the following areas:

  • Legal advice and support in all areas of residence in the Slovak republic
  • Legal advice in areas of employment, business, family reunification, living, social security, health insurance, education, citizenship and other areas of life in Slovakia
  • Legal counselling are provided in the form of the preparation of relevant documents for public authorities, statements, contracts and other legal documents
  • We provide Mediation service - Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • All consultations are available in Slovak or English. In case of necessity translation will be provided for foreigners by interpreters from collaborating organizations

Contact us

Info line: 0850 211 478


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