What fees are paid for an application for...?

When submitting an application in an administrative procedure, you will most likely be asked to pay a fee. Here, you can find a basic overview of fees chargeable in different situations.


Submission of an application for a temporary residence at the Foreign Police Department (fees in brackets are to be paid if the application is submitted at a Diplomatic Mission of the Slovak Republic abroad) for the purpose of:

Applications for a renewal of a temporary residence for the purpose of:

Application for a permanent residence for five years at the Foreign Police Department - 165.50 EUR (at the Diplomatic Mission of the Slovak Republic abroad - 170 EUR)   

! Spouses of Slovak citizens are exempt from the payment of a fee. 

Application for a permanent residence for an unlimited time period - 165.50 EUR

Issuance of a residence card - 4.50 EUR 

Issuance of a residence card as a substitute for lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen residence document - 16.50 EUR

Issuance of a residence card as a substitute for lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen residence document repeatedly within two following years - 33 EUR 

Application for a tolerated stay - 99.50 EUR

Application for the extension of a tolerated stay - 33 EUR

Confirmation about the residence of a foreigner in the Slovak Republic - 3 EUR 



Issuance of a Trade License (unregulated trade) – 5 EUR 
Issuance of a Trade License (craft trade/regulated trade) – 15 EUR 


Application for the first entry to the Commercial Register:

Application for change in the legal form of an enterprise (syndicate) – 330 EUR 

Application for change or completion of any amount of data concerning one registered person (with the exception of changes or completions of data in the name of a municipality, in the postal code, in the name of a street or other public area, eventually with thereof related changes of an orientation number or a registration number, if its seat, permanent address or the place of business do not change) – 66 EUR.


Marriage of a Slovak citizen with a foreign national – 70 EUR 
Marriage between foreign nationals – 200 EUR
Marriage, if none of the fiancés has a permanent residence permit in the Slovak Republic - 200 EUR 
Application for entry of a birth, marriage or decease occurred abroad in the Special Registry - 10 EUR 


Issuance of a Foreigners' passport to a foreign national – 33 EUR 
Issuance of a Foreigners' passport to a foreign national aged 5 to 15 - 13 EUR
Issuance of a Foreigners' passport to a foreign national younger than 5 years of age – 8 EUR.


Granting the citizenship of the Slovak Republic to a person older than 18 years of age – 700 EUR 
Granting the citizenship of the Slovak Republic to a child:

 Granting the citizenship of the Slovak Republic to former Slovak or Czechoslovak citizens and those who opt to revert to their former citizenship in accordance with international law - 20 EUR 
 Granting the citizenship of the Slovak Republic to Czech citizens born after January 1st, 1993 - 20 EUR 
 Granting the citizenship of the Slovak Republic to an individual of which at least one parent was a Czechoslovak citizen at the time of his/her birth – 20 EUR 

Proceedings to issue a Slovak citizenship certificate – 10 EUR 
Proceedings to issue a confirmation of Slovak citizenship of a deceased person or to an individual who asked for the confirmation retrospectively to an earlier date prior to the date of application submission – 10 EUR 
Application for issuance of an ID card – 4.50 EUR 


Invitation verification application for a foreign national travelling to Slovakia (for each foreign national indicated in the invitation verification application) – EUR 33

Warning: In some cases, you may be exempt from payment of fees pursuant to Act No. 145/1995 Coll. on Administrative Fees. Verify this with the Foreign Police or the MIC.