Child allowance

Child allowance is a repeated state social benefit, the purpose of which is to contribute to education and nutrition of a dependent child. A dependent child is defined as a child receiving compulsory education of up to 25 years of age, if enrolled in full-time studies at secondary school or university, or if due to an illness or injury, the child is unable to study or to engage in a profit-making activity.

A dependent child shall not be considered a child entitled to disability pension or if the child has completed the 2nd level of higher education (master’s degree). Child custody of the authorised person and permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic, are conditional upon claiming the childbirth allowance

Authorized person entitled to claim the allowance is defined as:

Authorized person looses the entitlement to claim the allowance if

The allowance amounts to EUR 23.68. This amount is adjusted every year, always as of January 1, of the calendar year.

You may claim the allowance at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Department of State Social Benefits, according to permanent or temporary residence of the authorized person in Slovakia, The Office will also disburse the allowance retroactively as of the date of fulfilling the conditions for its allocation, for a maximum retroactive period of six months.

The application for the allowance must be submitted together with the following documents:

Last update of the text: May 18, 2015