An Allowance for Multiple Children Born at the Same Time

The allowance for multiple children born at the same time is a type of state social benefit granted by the state once per year in order to cover increased costs arising as a result of due care for multiple-born children. Upon meeting certain conditions even a foreigner with a permanent residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic is entitled to receive the benefit.

Multiple children born at the same time are:

A person entitled to claim the allowance is:


In case several persons meet the conditions, only one person, as agreed by the entitled persons, can receive the allowance. In case there is no agreement, a person that claimed the allowance first is entitled to receive it. 

Amount of benefit

The amount of the supplementary child allowance is EUR 110.36/year and this amount is being adjusted each year on January 1st of the calendar year. 


Expiration of the entitlement: 6 months after the starting date of the allowance entitlement.