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A Slovak citizen may marry a foreign national in Slovakia or in a foreign country in front of that country's authorities. It is also possible for two foreigners to get married in Slovakia. Marriages at Slovak diplomatic missions are currently possible only between Slovak citizens, i.e. Slovak citizens may not marry a foreign national at the Slovak embassy.

Marriage in Slovakia

Marriage is entered into by a declaration of consent by the fiancés before a registry office (or another appropriate place) or before the authority of a registered church or religious society. The fiancés shall publicly and solemnly declare their marriage in the presence of two witnesses.

Before the marriage, the fiancés must fill in the prescribed form, which is given to them at the registry office.

A foreigner is obliged to submit the following documents to the locally competent Registry Office not later than 14 days prior to the wedding ceremony:

  1. birth certificate – this document shall include the personal data of a foreigner - date and place of birth as well as the personal data of his/her parents
  2. proof of marital status (not older than 6 months)
  3. proof of permanent residence
  4. proof of citizenship – valid passport
  5. death certificate of a deceased spouse – if the foreigner is widowed
  6. divorce decree – if the foreigner is divorced
  7. ID/passport 

Documents issued abroad must be legalised for their use in Slovakia (apostille/consular legalisation) and documents issued in a language other than Slovak must be translated to Slovak by an official translator certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. If any of the spouses does not speak or understand the Slovak language, the presence of an interpreter is required at the wedding ceremony.

A Slovak citizen shall submit:

  1. proof of citizenship
  2. proof of a personal identification number
  3. proof of identity (e.g. an ID card can serve as proof of citizenship, identification number and identity)
  4. proof of permanent residence (only if he/she is a permanent resident of the foreign country) 

A fiancé may apply for a waiver of the submission of the prescribed documents under the following conditions:

  • the procurement of the specified documents is linked to an obstacle that is difficult to overcome,
  • the request must be in writing, made in person, signed and substantiated in detail,
  • the application shall be lodged with the registry office, which shall submit it, together with a detailed opinion, within five days of receipt, to the district office, which shall take a decision on it within five days. The registry office shall be bound by that decision.

Marriage abroad

The form of marriage is governed by the law of the place where the marriage is celebrated. Therefore, if the fiancés wish to marry abroad, they will have to follow the laws of that country. The legal capacity to marry, as well as its validity, is governed by the law of the state of which the fiancé is a national - that is, in the case of a Slovak citizen, by Slovak law, and in the case of a foreigner, by the law of his or her home state.

Marriage between a Slovak citizen and a foreign national concluded with a competent authority in a foreign country is recognized in the Slovak Republic only if it is valid in the country where it was concluded and if there are no legal impediments regarding this marriage in the Slovak Republic (e.g. condition of age, monogamy issues, etc.). 

In order for a marriage contracted abroad to be recognised in Slovakia, it is necessary to apply for registration with the Special Registry Office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, on the basis of which a Slovak marriage certificate will be issued.

Only after the marriage with a Slovak national has been registered with the Special Registry Office can the foreign spouse apply for permanent residence in Slovakia for 5 years.

An application for registration with the Special Registry Office is submitted by a Slovak citizen to the Slovak embassy abroad or to the registry office competent for their place of permanent residence in Slovakia (or the last permanent residence, or any registry office if he/she has never resided in the Slovak Republic). The application shall be made on the form available on the website of the Special Registry Office and must be accompanied by:

  1. A foreign marriage certificate - which must be legalised for its use abroad (apostille or consular legalisation) and then translated into Slovak by an official translator. Legalisation is not required for documents issued from countries with which the Slovak Republic has an agreement on legal assistance in civil and family matters.
  2. Proof of Slovak citizenship, e.g. a valid passport or a Slovak identity card.
  3. If one of the spouses has been previously divorced, it is necessary to submit a granting of divorce concerning the previous marriage. If the divorce of the Slovak citizen was granted by an authority of a foreign state, it is also necessary to submit the final judgment to the regional court in Bratislava, recognising the decision of a foreign court in Bratislava. If a previous marriage was terminated as the result of the death of a spouse, it is necessary to submit a death certificate.

All documents issued abroad must be legalised in order to be recognised in Slovakia (by apostille or consular legalisation) and in the case they are issued in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by an official translation into Slovak.

Special Registry Office shall register the marriage and issue you a Slovak marriage certificate within three months from the date of application. In justified cases, this period may be extended by another three months


  • Marriage of a Slovak and a foreigner: 100 EUR
  • Marriage of two foreign nationals: 280 EUR
  • Marriage if neither of the spouses has permanent residence in the Slovak Republic: 280 EUR

(Individuals, whose life is under imminent threat, or who are holders of the certificate of a person with severe disability, are not obliged to pay these fees. Fee/s will be administered just from one fiancé.)

  • The request for registration with the Special Registry Office: 14 EUR (if submitted at the registry office)/35 EUR (if submitted at the Embassy)
  • Authentication of the documents issued by eligible foreign authorities for use in the Slovak Republic: 30 EUR
  • Authentication of the documents issued by the Slovak authorities for use in a foreign country: 30 EUR
  • Apostille: 30 EUR 

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