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The application for citizenship must be completed, signed and accompanied by the attachments listed below.

Annexes to the application

The applicant shall attach the following documents to his/her application for Slovak citizenship:

  • a detailed structured CV giving the applicant's first name, surname, maiden name, birth number (if assigned), date and place of birth, permanent address, details of education, employment, other gainful activity, language skills, special abilities, interests, and dated and signed by the applicant;
  • a valid identity document showing a recent frontal view of the applicant's face;
  • birth certificate;
  • proof of marital status in the form of a marriage certificate, final judgment or divorce certificate, death certificate of the spouse if the applicant is married, divorced or widowed;
  • proof of residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic and, in the case of a former citizen, proof of the last permanent residence or an affidavit of such residence;
  • proof of integrity not older than six months - an extract from the criminal record of each state of which he is or has been a citizen and an extract from the criminal record of each state in which he has been allowed to reside in the last 15 years prior to the application for citizenship of the Slovak Republic, or other proof of integrity issued by the competent authorities of those states;
  • a certificate of release from the citizenship of the Czechoslovak Republic, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the Slovak Socialist Republic or the Slovak Republic or a naturalisation certificate or a certificate of acquisition of citizenship of another state, if the applicant is a former citizen;
  • a certificate of a Slovak living abroad, if he/she has such status;
  • documents that substitute proof of proficiency in the Slovak language;
  • applicant's questionnaire: when submitting a citizenship application, the applicant shall also fill in a questionnaire issued by the Ministry. The form shall be given to the applicant when submitting the application. The questionnaire of an applicant under 18 years of age shall also be signed by the applicant's parents. If only one of the parents signs it, the consent of the other parent, whose signature must be officially certified, must be attached.

Other relevant documents must also be attached to the application if the data contained therein cannot be obtained by the Office itself from the information systems. Those documents which do not concern the applicant must be replaced by an affidavit stating the reasons for not submitting them:

  • confirmation from the tax office, customs office and municipality that taxes and fees have been paid;
  • the employer's employment certificate and a copy of the employment contract;
  • confirmation from the health insurance company of payment of public health insurance premiums and the duration of the insurance relationship;
  • employer's confirmation of payment of income tax and of payment of public health insurance, social insurance and old-age pension insurance premiums;
  • proof of studies;
  • proof of receipt of a pension;
  • confirmation of the source of income sufficient to finance the stay of the applicant and persons close to him/her in the territory of the Slovak Republic, if he/she is voluntarily unemployed (e.g. bank statement).

All documents issued abroad must be duly certified for use abroad (consular legalization or apostille), unless an international treaty provides otherwise, and translated into Slovak by an official translator.

If the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic needs additional documents from the applicant during the proceedings, it will invite the applicant to complete them. The Ministry may invite the applicant for an interview, in particular for the purpose of explaining a fact concerning his/her person.

Administrative fees 

The following administrative fees are levied in connection with the granting of citizenship:

  • granting Slovak citizenship to a person over 18 years of age: EUR 1000
  • granting Slovak citizenship to a child:
    1. up to 15 years of age: EUR 140
    2. from 15 years to 18 years: EUR 210/220
  • granting Slovak citizenship to former Slovak or Czechoslovak citizens and those who opt to revert to their former citizenship under international law: EUR 30
  • granting Slovak citizenship to Czech citizens born after 1 January 1993: EUR 30
  • granting Slovak citizenship to a person at least one of whose parents or grandparents was a Czechoslovak citizen: EUR 30
  • granting Slovak citizenship to a person who has been issued with a valid certificate proving their status as a Slovak living abroad: EUR 560/600   

Exemption from the fee: Foreigners who have been granted asylum, Ukrainian displaced persons from the Chernobyl area, foreigners over the age of 65, people receiving invalidity pension, persons with severe disabilities and foreigners who have lost the citizenship of the Slovak Republic after 1 January 1993 are exempt from the fees.

The fee will be collected only upon receipt of the citizenship certificate. 

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You are here: Home Citizenship Application for Slovak Citizenship and Necessary Documents