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General Information

This section contains basic information on the residence of foreigners, including citizens of the European Union, in Slovakia, as well as on the visas required to enter Slovakia and the Schengen area.

Contact details of Foreign Police departments can be found HERE.

The online booking system for booking appointments at the Foreign Police is available HERE.

The Act No. 404/2011 on Residence of Foreigners and Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Acts (hereinafter referred to as the “Act on Residence of Foreigners”) is the most important law regulating the residence of foreign nationals in the Slovak Republic.

An important obligation of foreigners entering the territory of the Slovak Republic is to report their place of residence in Slovakia to the Foreign Police Department competent according to the address of their accommodation. This obligation applies to foreigners who have already been granted residence in Slovakia (only on their first entry), as well as to foreigners who have a visa or for visa-free travel.

When submitting an application in an administrative procedure, you will most likely be asked to pay a fee. Here, you can find a basic overview of fees chargeable in different situations.

The IOM Migration Information Centre provides legal advice on Slovak legislation only.

If you need information about the conditions of entry, stay or services imposed by other countries, please contact the relevant authorities or organisations in those countries. Here is a list of available government websites/sections in the EU Member States:

On May 1, 2018, a change to the Act on Residence of Foreigners shall take effect, bringing about several major changes regarding the conditions for applying for certain types of residence.

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You are here: Home Residence General Information