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Changes from October 1: foreign businesspersons are no longer registered in the Commercial Register

From 1 October 2020, foreign natural persons are no longer registered in the Commercial Register.

The right of a foreign natural person (a person who does not have a permanent residence in Slovakia) to do business in Slovakia will arise on the day of obtaining the trade license or other license, for the subject(s) of business registered in the trade register or other records.

The competent Registry Court will delete foreign natural persons registered so far from the Commercial Register. However, this deletion does not terminate the right of foreign natural persons to do business in Slovakia. Processing of application for registration of enterprises of foreign natural persons, as well as the processing of proposals for changes to the entered data, which will not be completed by 30 September 2020, will be stopped by the Registry Court.

Information on temporary residencies that entitle foreign persons to do business in Slovakia can be found in our article Business by type of residence.

You can find more information about doing business in Slovakia in our Doing business section.

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