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Renting a flat

Conditions for renting a flat in Slovakia which apply to foreigners are only slightly different from those valid for any Slovak citizen.

Charges and advance payments

The rent may be arranged directly with the property owner, if both parties are able to communicate in the same language. In case of communication difficulties a real estate agency may be useful. In such cases, the tenant is usually charged a certain fee for the mediation – it should be clearly agreed before signing the contract. The fee is usually in the amount of one month rent. There is a number of websites where you may find rental accommodation (see for example or

The landlords often require one to two month’s rent in advance as collateral. It is possible to rent a completely furnished flat with a washing machine, TV set, fridge and other appliances. The monthly rent depends on the furnishings, region of Slovakia, the flat’s location in town and its overall condition and age.

It is relatively difficult and expensive to find a short-term rental accommodation. The rental contract is usually signed for a 6 or 12-month period. According to the Civil Code the cancellation period of a rental contract is three months. Extension of the contract should be usually settled one month before its expiration.

Paying the bills

Utilities fees (gas, water and electricity), land=line telephone fee and internet connection are often not included in the rental costs – this must be clearly agreed in advance and stipulated in the rental contract. Sometimes the bills for the utilities are addressed to the landlord at the address of the property, but according to the contract they are to be paid by the tenant, e.g. by a direct payment at the post office.

The second possibility is that the tenant will pay the bills directly in his/her name, but in this case it is necessary to sign a so-called "affidavit" (honest statement at a public notary office) at the municipality office where the change is registered. Foreigners who want to register the accommodation in their own name, must present their passport, residence certificate and rental contract or certificate of the property ownership. A deposit will be required based on the agreement of both parties.



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You are here: Home Social Issues Housing Renting a flat