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Single Permit

So-called single permit is a type of temporary residence for the purpose of employment issued on basis of the confirmation on the possibility to fill in a vacancy.

In the case of a single permit it is therefore sufficient to apply for temporary residence for the purpose of employment, whereas it is not necessary for you or for your future employer to apply at the competent labour office for a work permit. 

However your future employer must report a job vacancy the competent Labour Office at least 20 working days before applying for temporary residence for the purpose of employment. It is also possible to report a job vacancy electronically by means of the labour market internet wizard on The 20-day period does not apply only in cases where the Labor Office does not require the labor market test.

If within 20 working days of reporting a job vacancy it was not possible to fill it in with a job applicant listed in the register of job seekers, your employer may issue you a written promise of employment or conclude a contract of employment.

You may apply for temporary residence for the purpose of employment (so-called single permit) only after 20 working days from reporting a vacancy

The application for temporary residence must be submitted together with these documents proving the purpose of your residence:

  • written promise of employment - download the official form or a contract of employment and
  • decision on the recognition of a document on education or an authenticated document proving required education in case of regulated profesions.

Single Permit may be granted for a maximum period of 2 years. 

More information on temporary residence and the documents required for the application for temporary residence can be found in the section Temporary residence.


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