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What is permanent residence?

A permanent residence permit entails foreign nationals to long-term residence in Slovakia as well as journeys abroad and back. It is a more stable type of residence, which is granted to foreign nationals for a longer period than temporary residence. Foreign nationals with permanent residence permit enjoy the same rights and duties as all citizens of the Slovak republic in most areas of life (e.g. employment, health care, social affairs, and public life on the regional level).

There are 3 types of permanent residence:

  • Permanent residence for five years;
  • Permanent residence for an unlimited time period;
  • Long-term residence.

A third country national, who was granted permanent residence for five years, may apply for permanent residence for an unlimited period of time already after 4 years. The application for permanent residence for five years should be submitted in person at a Slovak diplomatic mission abroad or the Foreign Police Department in Slovakia. The application for permanent residence for an unlimited time period and application for long-term residence is submitted in person at the Foreign Police Department in the territory of Slovakia. 

You can download fact sheets with more information regarding permanent residence.

Documents to apply for the permanent residence for five years:

  1. purpose of residence;
  2. no criminal record;
  3. financial coverage;
  4. document of accommodation;

When applying for permanent residence for an unlimited time period or long-term residence, the applicant must prove their financial means and the health insurance. For detailed information about the application and the required documents see separate articles in this category. 

The police department or the Embassy may also require additional documents from the foreigner. 

The foreign national must prove their financial means for the stay in the amount of 12 times the minimum subsistence level (as of July 2021 the amount of the minimum subsistence level is EUR 218.06/month); a foreign national under the age of 18 years needs to prove half of that amount.

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You are here: Home Residence Permanent Residence What is permanent residence?