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Long-term residence

The Police Department will grant a long-term residence to a foreign national:
  • who has legally resided in Slovakia for an uninterrupted period of at least 5 years directly prior to the submission of the application;
  • whose long-term residence expired or was cancelled due to legally stipulated reasons;
  • who has had a 5-year legal uninterrupted residence in the territory of an EU Member State as a Blue Card holder and has resided in Slovakia as a Blue Card holder for at least 2 years  prior to the submission of the application.

The possibility to apply for a long-term residence does not apply to a foreign national, who:

  • is an asylum seeker;
  • was granted tolerated residence following Art. 58 Par. 3;
  • applied for temporary shelter;
  • is a displaced person;
  • holds temporary residence for the purpose of study;
  • holds temporary residence for the purpose of special activity in accordance with Art. 25 Par. 1, items d) to f);
  • holds temporary residence for the purpose of seasonal employment;
  • resides in Slovakia in accordance with Art. 23 Par. 4 - 6, items b), c) or d);
  • enjoys diplomatic immunities according to international law.

The application for long-term residence must be submitted in person, on the official form at the Foreign Police Department in Slovakia. Download the application on the website of the Bureau of the Border and Foreign Police.

Application processing time is 90 days

Documents for the application

The application must be submitted together with the following documents, not older than 90 days:

  1. proof of fixed and regular income for the applicant and their family members to avoid being a burden for the Slovak social security system;
  2. proof of health insurance in Slovakia;
  3. proof of accommodation (only if the applicant's long-term residence expired or was cancelled due to legally stipulated reasons);
  4. valid passport and two identical colour photographs (3 x 3.5 cm); if the foreign national does not submit a valid passport, the application will not be accepted.


  • Application

The application must be submitted on an official form issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

  • Photos

2 identical colour photographs sized 3 x 3.5 cm (passport format). 

Fixed and regular income may be proved mainly by an employment contract, employer´s confirmation on the monthly salary, confirmation of the balance on the bank account held in the name of the foreign national, document on pension. A foreign national, who held a temporary residence for the purpose of family reunion prior to applying for long-term residence, or a family member of an asylum holder or a foreign national under subsidiary protection may prove fixed and regular income by a notarially certified affidavit of the spouse, parent, or person to whose personal care he/she is entrusted to, certifying that he/she will provide the applicant with financial and material sureties during his/her stay in Slovakia, accompanied by a document according to the previous sentence.

  • Accommodation

A foreign national must submit a document on accommodation only when applying for long-term residence due to the fact that his previous long-term residence was cancelled or expired in accordance with legally stipulated reasons.


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