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Changes (mostly) in rules for employment of foreign workers as of January 1, 2019

On January 1, 2019, both Act on Employment Services and Act on Residence of Foreigners have been amended

  1. Shortage occupation list will be updated more frequently, every quarter. Central Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family will identify shortage occupations in districts where the average registered unemployment rate for the calendar quarter was less than 5%, and publish a list of these job positions at its website by the end of the calendar month immediately following the respective calendar quarter. The list can be found here: 
  1. Cancellation of the obligation to prove the highest achieved education.

Evidence of required education must be provided only for regulated professions (medical professionals, pedagogues,…) or when applying for a Blue Card.

  1. Temporary Employment Agencies can assign a foreigner to work at the user employer, but only in case of the shortage occupations.

TEA must be registered for at least 3 years before foreigner applies for a residence permit for employment for shortage occupation. TEAs are not eligible to assign foreigners for another type of job.

  1. Job vacancy must be reported by the employer at least 10 working days before submitting the application for granting or extending the work permit
  2. The police will not require proof of accommodation for a foreigner working in international public transport.
  3. Police will require the consent of the municipality with accommodation

A foreigner applying for a temporary residence for the purpose of employment is required to submit the consent of the respective municipality that accommodation meets the conditions defined by the Ministry of Health. 

  1. Police will request confirmation on the possibility to fill in a vacancy from the Labor Office within 7 days of submitting a complete application for a residence permit for the purpose of employment. 
  1. Police decide on granting / renewing a temporary residence for employment within 30 days of receiving the confirmation on the possibility to fill in a vacancy, only in case of shortage occupations (notice: not from the submission of residence application) 
  1. Police decide on granting / renewing a temporary residence for employment within 30 days of submitting an application for a residence permit if foreigner represents or works for a center of business services or a technology center
  1. Foreigners with a residence in another EU Member State do not have to submit a medical certificate confirming that they do not suffer from any disease threatening public health, upon obtaining a residence in Slovakia.

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